Item Name Apple iPod Touch 32 GB (4th Generation)
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Description So far, Apple has cornered the market of multitouch mobile devices that aren't phones, but things are slowly changing. Currently, the two hottest mobile and smartphone operating systems out there right now are Apple's iOS (formerly: iPhone OS) and Google's Android. Of course, iOS is popular because it runs on not only the iPhone, but also on the iPod touch and now on the ipad as well. Plus, it has garnered support from scores of app developers who've gotten behind Apple's slew of high-demand devices.

The iPod touch has really made iOS what it is today. It does a lot of what the iPhone does, without a contract, or carrier exclusivity, as is the case with the iPhone and the iPad (WiFi+3G models). So if it weren't for the iPod touch, a lot of the market share Apple now has in the industry would have been stifled by their carrier exclusivity. I think Apple will see the light soon, but that's another discussion.

Enter Android. Google has held a different stance on their mobile OS. It isn't tied to a select few devices, and it's open source, so it can be further developed by manufacturers who use it. Indeed, several mobile device manufacturers have now latched onto Android as a foundation for numerous devices. Wireless carriers that have been unable to carry the iPhone have also taken a liking to it. Now, tons of Android devices have been released, and there's no end in sight. Manufacturers have also seen the iPad's potential and now they want a piece of that pie, too. So, expect to see a lot more Android tablets and media-centric non-phone devices soon. The competition is heating up.

But not everything with Android, nor with iOS, is perfect. I own an EVO 4G, one of the most popular Android devices currently available. I've also used an iPod touch almost every day for nearly two years, so I'm pretty qualified to share my experience with each platform. Both certainly have their share of unique offerings, and neither of them are without flaws. For this reason, and because of the increasing competition between the two, I plan to dispel some of their key differences for you at various points in this review. 

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Faster 1GHz A4 Processor - to keep up with the high demands of multitasking

Ultra high resolution "Retina display" - packs a 960 x 640 resolution at 326 pixels per inch

15% larger battery - 3.44 Whr/930 mAh plays 7 hrs of video & 40 hrs of audio

Rear-facing camera - supports 960 x 720 sized photos (0.6 megapixels), plus 720p HD videos

Front-facing VGA-quality camera - VGA-quality is a resolution of 640 x 480 (0.3 megapixels)

3-Axis Gyroscope - allows for higher precision and more motion gestures

Wireless N - Connect faster and go farther than ever, with this WiFi device (requires a router with 802.11n)

Built in microphone - but Apple reverted back to using the remote- and mic-less earphones

Game Center - Apple's own social gaming platform

Sleep/Power Button - it's been moved to the right, but not improved beyond that

Thinner, lighter than ever


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